Creating an Experience

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“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to planEleanor Roosevelt

Even just the thought of organising the venue, the dress, the caterers and so on, can be overwhelming and exhausting! The I Do Wedding team bring together all aspects of wedding planning and execution, place them under one roof and provide the discerning shopper access to boundless creativity and the freedom to choose from a wide range of the finest local vendors.

This is the I Do Wedding Experience.

When creating this retail experience, the focus of the team is the clientele and the exhibitors, in the background the I Do team needed to be assured that the structural elements to create each event are provided at a consistently high-level and an invariable cost.

To create continuity in the event brand, they needed a format that could be used and adapted in multiple locations around the country, whilst not disturbing the core costings of the business, yet keeping the event fresh and innovative.

“As part of our family business, it’s key that the clients and exhibitors feel reassured and in safe hands throughout the event madness”
Sam McNair

Sales & Marketing Director

A focus on...


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To achieve this, we looked at a base structure for each event, this included re-useable elements to allow consistency against the budget. However, by using a modular format for the main set, meant that we had the flexibility to develop the set and create additions to update and refine the overall look.

We made small, effective changes; for example, we installed off-stage monitors to improve the communication flow during the event. A simple addition like this, although small, made a massive change to the smoothness of the event flow and allowed to staff to re-focus their energy on the main event.

Over time, we have continued to maintain the budget, whilst improving quality of installation, equipment and the brand.

As the events have progressed, we have seen the format develop and the brand refine. Next year the I Do Experience delivers to additional venues and we feel confident that the full production will continue to deliver on impact and budget across the full series of events.

"We have only been working with Alrose Productions for a short time. As changing such an integral part of our business is no small decision. I need not have worried. Andy and his team soon put my worries to rest. They are professional and courteous in everything they do and provided a class of service, I didn’t think possible in this business.  Highly recommended *****"
Richard Wilson, Managing Director, I Do Magazine