Impact, Glitz and Glamour


The annual CHS Awards provide a platform for hotels and venues to showcase their facilities, accessible to all, the smallest, independent venue can be recognised for their achievements.

The opportunity to partner again with the team at CHS, to sponsor the awards and help elevate the success of awards previously, is something we hold in high regard. We’ve been involved, watching this event grow from strength to strength and this year was no exception.

The challenge to explore and design a new theme to build on the glamour and success of last year’s event, was met by the team with relish!

Individual elements on their own can be impressive, but when these elements combine is when you create true impact. It was imperative that the stage thematic was continued across the fully, dressed venue for maximum impact.

  • The main 40ft projection screen was framed with a custom-built set, mirroring the soft curves of the CHS logo.
  • On the tables; a tall, fresh centre piece with coloured internal light gave a stylishly, simple look that didn’t encroach, but continued to tie the theme together.
  • Black tablecloths ensured maximum focus on the centre stage and allowed the projection to really shine.
  • Using soft lighting and a high-level of video production, we had the ability to lift the room as awards were announced and won, with spectacular effect.
  • By considerate use of the venue itself, we highlighted columns with well-placed uplighters, this increased the drama and colour in the room, adding to the excitement of the night.
  • Meanwhile during the event, a focused, skilled back and front of house team co-ordinated to ensure the event ran smoothly - lighting, video and sound, running in perfect harmony.
“As part of our family business, it’s key that the clients and exhibitors feel reassured and in safe hands throughout the event madness”
Sam McNair

Sales & Marketing Director

A focus on...


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Whenever we pull together an event like this, it’s the moment the crowd walks into the room that I wait for, the gasp of breath and that anticipation, so vibrant you can feel in the air, as any great night to come should have. Any awards dinner should have that feeling encapsulated, that anything is possible…tonight could be their night.

A lot of elements go into creating this feeling, but we know as the full production team that achieving that can make all the difference and achieve elevation of your event to a whole, new level.

Moving into its fifth year, here at Alrose Productions, we are excited to continue to be part of this event, developing and expanding the boundaries of production on this very special evening.

"These guys rock! From the initial enquiry through to the end of our events, Alrose Productions have never failed to deliver. The whole team are extremely friendly, professional and reliable and always deliver spectacular productions and stage builds. We love how they always bring fresh innovative technologies and ideas to the table which never fail to create that WOW factor at our events.A fantastic bunch of guys, providing service with a smile, and I can’t fail to recommend them, time and again. Thanks for making CHS Awards Awesome."
The CHS Group