Tribute Takeover

‘Take on Take That’, ‘Planet Abba’, ‘The Counterfeit Beatles’, ‘Coldplace’, ‘Bootleg Boss’ or ‘Wrong Jovi’... many event organisers are going positively giddy for a tribute band. Not only do they cost a tad less than the originals to hire, these great sounding alternatives are no longer deemed as providing a supporting role but now often take centre stage at events around the world.

Sourced by you, Alrose Productions are the perfect support act for them! Ensuring all their needs are covered, even red and white M&M’s in the dressing room, if that floats their boat! We will work with the group and their representation to take care of everything from technical requirements and kit, to backdrops and scenic treatments, rehearsals, dressing rooms and soundchecks.

We are experts at room turnaround – your delegates leave for a cocktail and to put on their glad rags with a conference branded stage set and return to a fabulous rock and roll fiesta for the evening’s gala dinner!

At the moment, being able to engage with bands who have ‘disbanded’ at a fraction of the cost seems to beg the question that the future of music events is actually all about the past?

Joanna Ripley Business Development