And the nominees are...

Here are our top tips for a night to remember…

  1. Make your brand look amazing! There will be photo after photo, across every platform imaginable (except 9 and ¾!) and your show needs to represent the amazing business that you are! Even with a simple set, we can make your logo look a million dollars!
  2. Practice the C’s - continuity and consistency are vital. Choose a theme and channel it through the whole event from invites to goodie bags, chair covers to post-show comms!
  3. Unusual venue… try something new, like a place of historical interest or relevance to your main theme.
  4. Trend on Twitter, FB and Insta – if you have this type of crowd – get a hashtag and use it at every available opportunity from pre-show to post-show… and don’t just stop at a photo wall for winners, have a repeater board with your logo and hashtag for all guests to enjoy!
  5. Get the WOW factor. This does not have to mean a huge budget… find one element and make sure it is a major talking point – this could be as simple as a stunning bespoke centrepiece on all the tables.
  6. Keep the show moving! If you have 20+ awards, talk to your production team about the best way to keep the action on stage as slick as possible!
  7. Surprise! Surprise! You may have people who regularly attend events of this type, so add an edge to yours… Number all the seats, get everyone to stand and then ask everyone with an odd number to sit down, everyone with the digit 3 in their number sit down, etc, until by process of elimination you have a set of winners! Present them with something special like a holiday voucher/beautiful gift that fits your theme!
  8. Have a dry run/tasting session with the caterers… everyone has an amazing evening, until one course isn’t right and then that becomes the talk of the event!

And the winner is – everyone! Have a great night!

Sam McNair Sales & Marketing Director